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Working with a network of 1000+ local distributors in 15+ countries, we promise to deliver equipment to your employees on time, at the lowest cost, always!

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Why Us? 

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Offload Equipment Ops

We take care of delivery, device preparation, tracking, retrieval, wiping and interim-storage for your remote teams. 

Lowest prices, period.

With the best discounts, GST Refunds, and simple leasing options, EquipAnywhere offers the most reasonable prices.


Never Out of Stock

We work with multiple distributors across the world to get you what you need right in time. Zero Delay.


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Why StartUps like EquipAnywhere?

Great Experience with EquipAnywhere

I've managed equipment independently in the past and I've found it to be hectic, at best. I went from vendor to vendor just to find a solution that takes this load off my back. Fortunately, EquipAnywhere has been a game changer.

Founder, UniteTasks

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